Updated 25th March 1997.

    • Released v0.81.

    • Now includes a default game (Okiedokie).

    • Includes a 32 bit DOS port using DJGPP with joystick support.

    • Linux version uses v1.1 of Ron Fries TIA sound library.

Updated 17th February 1997.

    • Received the latest Amiga port from Matthew Stroup.

Updated 11th February 1997.

    • Put a copy of the GNU libc 1.09 getopt files up to help Rob.

Updated 5th February 1997.

    • Added Amiga v2600 home page link

    • Updated Mac and BeBox ports sections

    • Put up local copies of the 6502 asm/dasm

    • Put up a local copy of Stella.doc

Updated 4th February 1997.

    • Added the Amiga release by Matthew Stroup

Updated 3rd December 1996.

    • Release 0.80. Adds support for Ron Fries TIA sound library under Linux. Which gives much better sound output.

Updated 24th November 1996.

    • Released v0.72 with Motif support. I don't have the Motif libraries, so can you please test it. The other platforms should be unaffected.

    • Added some more detail to the porting howto section.

Updated 21st November 1996.

    • Added my project report in word format.

Updated 14th September 1996.

    • v0.71 released. Fixed new Canvas.c bug. Please test it.

Updated 13th September 1996.

    • v0.70 released. Please test it.

Updated 28th August 1996.

    • Beta 2 release. Please test it.

Updated 23nd August 1996.

    • Name change to Virtual 2600.

    • Started the how to port document.

Updated 23nd August 1996.

    • Extra instructions for b2snap3 release.

    • Web counter added.

Updated 21th August 1996.

    • Added an SVGAlib binary for testing. See Releases.

Updated 20th August 1996.

    • Added magnification for X11 people with normal eyes :)

    • X11 now supports paddles.

    • Joystick fire button bug squashed.

    • New snapshot release. Hopefully this one will actually get on the server!

Updated 16th August 1996.

Updated 12th August 1996.

    • More gifs of games running

    • New snapshot release. FWF no longer mandatory

    • Project report should be fixed now

Updated 2nd August 1996

    • Moved to zetnet

    • Totally revamped (index etc.)

    • First snapshot release.