Virtual 2600 People

A thank you to all who have helped out.

Port Maintainers/Authors

Alex Hornby

Main author and UN*X port maintainer.

Matthew Stroup

Amiga port maintainer.

Ian Molton

Acorn ARM RiscOS port.

Triquet Benoit

Unreleased BeBox port

Other contributions

Ron Fries

Creator of the TIA sound library. Superb!

Dan Boris

Creator of the DOS port. Also fixed some bugs in the emulation.

John Richardson

Added Motif (Lesstif) support, and tested V2600 on a chunky DEC Alpha.

David Firth

Patches to allow operation without the FWF widget set.

Mark Szlaga, Paul Janzen, James Burgess, Eric Maillet

Beta testing.

Alex Hornby