NB: I no longer maintain V2600 due to lack of time.

If you want to run 2600 games, try Stella. For Porting info to consoles etc. see Porting



Welcome to the Virtual 2600 home page. Virtual 2600 is a portable emulation of the Atari 2600 game console that currently runs on UN*X/X11, SVGAlib, Amiga and DOS. Virtual 2600 was formerly known as X2600, and has been renamed as it is no longer restricted to X windows. Some features:

  • Sound support

  • .c26 support

  • PC Joystick support.

  • Bank switching support

  • Paddle emulation

  • Dynamic resizing under X11. (For those without magnifying lenses:)

  • Full screen support on XFree86

  • Built in game

The X11 version supports a Lesstif/Motif based GUI where available.

Screen Shots

Virtual 2600 now runs quite a lot of games. Here are some pictures:

  • Spy Hunter

  • Super Baseball

  • Crystal Castles

  • Pengo

  • Fishing Derby

  • Gorf

  • Pitfall!

And there is an integrated debugger. which allows single stepping on either the instruction or raster level, along with processor and hardware register inspection/alteration.

Release History

0.82 was made as the 16 and 24 bit display code is not yet mature, but might be useful to some people

v0.81 Release

The first release that has DOS support merged in to the main trunk. See the Software section to get the DOS program files. Also includes a default game, the freeware Okiedokie!

v0.80 Release

This gets a big version number jump as the Linux version now supports sound using Ron Frie's TIA sound library. NAS sound should still work on non-Linux unices.

v0.72 Release

I have included John Richardson's Motif patches. ./configure --with-motif works on my system under Lesstif and the resulting binary runs but will not respond to key presses. The FWF, SVGAlib and DOS ports should be unaffected.

v0.71 Release

Small source code fixes (DOS, X11), does not affect 0.70 binaries below.

v0.70 Beta 3 Release

This release adds more speed, better X11 portability and the ability to run many more games due to improvements in the bank switching code. It is approx 30-50% faster than beta 2.

Beta 2 Release

I implemented a GNU autoconf front end to make building easier. And I have add sound support using NAS. I have got the pure tone waveforms working, but still need good quality samples of the others. If you have patches that got Virtual 2600 to run on other architectures I would be pleased to recieve them.

Beta 1 Release

I prepared a v1.0b1 release of x2600 based on the version I used to give my project demonstration. It was really only interesting for historical (hysterical?) purposes.

WARNING: This release is not stable without some hacking. I suggest you get the latest v2600 release as it is about three times faster. x2600src-1.0b1.tgz The full source code


7th April 1998.

  • New web site

  • Acorn port

  • XFree video mode selection (add 320x240 to XF86Config)

13th February 1998.

  • New mailing list

  • Made RPM packages available

  • Added about box (_WOW_!!)

  • Removed FWF support. (less crap)

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Virtual 2600 is copyright Alex Hornby and others under the terms of the GNU General Public License and contains GPLed code from the Free Widget Foundation, and the X64 project ( Noteably the basis for the cpu emulation, and the X based debugger.)

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