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Virtual 2600 Documents

How to port Virtual 2600

Hints and tips for people porting Virtual 2600 to another platform

Common 2600 (.c26) file spec.

Specifications and example code for the new richer cartridge file .

Original Specification

You can see my original project specification of how I thought x2600 would work back in 1995.

Final Report

I have my degree class now, so here is my project report as a zipped postscript file. Note that to save server space the appendices are not included. If you would like them mail me and I will send you a copy.

Final Report in Word 6.0

I have had several requests for this

Stella Programming Manual

The original manual as given out in 1978/79!


A text file on the 2600. I included it on this server as the version on umich is stored as a ".arc" file that not many people can read these days.

If you have any other useful Atari 2600 documents of links then please send them in.