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Virtual 2600 Releases

If you platform is not represented here, and you would like to do soemthing about it, then please contact me about becoming a port maintainer.


Maintained here by me. This is compile time configurable for X11 or SVGAlib. Latest Version 0.82. This is a preview release (oops, meant unsupported snapshot). Try this with lesstif to get a nice video mode selector on Xfree86.

Source Code Tar Gzipped (lesstif not needed, but better GUI with)


Maintained by Matthew Stroup. Visit Mathew's Amiga v2600 page for the latest version.


Most of the DOS port was done by Dan Boris, however I have prepared a 0.81 release.

Zipped MS-DOS Binary

Acorn RiscOS

Port by Ian Molton

Get it from his page

Other stuff

Useful porting files

Here is a copy of the GNU libc 1.09 getopt function for those without it. Don't forget to see the porting howto.


6507 tools

I have found a 65xx assembler and disassembler.